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Our Mission

1. The Finest Drinks


We knew our drinks had to be outstanding. We hired consultants and went to trade shows and subscribed to every trade magazine...
We wanted to provide an incredibly warm atmosphere that we would want to spend time in. We drew on my background...

2. the warmest atmosphere


We wanted our drinks served by the friendliest staff we could put together. So we went on a quest...

3. the friendliest staff Imaginable


Seasonal Drinks

We currently have our Banana drinks being featured! Come in and try the Monkey Crossing - a delicious Banana Mocha. Or our unique Banana-Nut Latte. You'll be surprised how well Banana goes with coffee!


On the Tea side of things we are featuring our gourmet black iced tea. We also have our Red Berries tea. It's a naturally decaffeinated blend of dried berries. Try either of these teas refreshingly unsweetened or with our housemade simple syrup.

House and Signature lattes

Come try our classic Mocha made with the best chocolate we could find, our smooth espresso and perfectly steamed silky smooth milk.


Our other house lattes are all made with the same care and quality as our mocha. Try our Vanilla & Caramel Lattes and our White Mocha. We round out or house lattes with our Miele, sweetened with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Teas and coffee Alternatives

So Coffee is not your thing?


     Tea is our other specialty at Coffee Crossing! We source fine teas from 3 great tea producers. We carry over 22 different teas and tisanes, selling both plain and flavor teas and tea lattes.


      We get great reviews on our Hot Chocolate and on our Caramel Apple Cider as well for those looking for a change of pace.


      Want it Cold? Try our 100% fruit smoothies or our Chocolate, Caramel or Vanilla Creme - Tastes like a milkshake only with half the calories!

Gourmet Coffee

We source the freshest coffee available from the 2012 Coffee Roaster of the year Dillanos Roasting Company out of Sumner, WA. Out partnership with Dillanos goes back to 2007 when we choose Dillanos believing they have the best coffee we have ever tasted!


Come in and try our Signature Blend which is our house mild brewed coffee or Costamala which is our 50/50 Costa Rican/Guatemalan blend which we hand mix on site as our house bold coffee.